If you’re like most real estate agents, you are spending a lot of time thinking about getting leads online, but not a lot of time measuring your success and making changes to increase your online impact. We get it, there are a million and one other more-demanding tasks each day then checking your stats on Google Analytics, but to really understand if your online efforts are paying off, it is worthwhile checking in every now and then and see how you’re performing out there on the world wide interweb. Whether you manage your own digital marketing, have an assistant do it for you, or outsource to a marketing agency, these four free tools are excellent ways to check-in and assess your online impact.

Google Analytics

We love Google Analytics, why? Because it is a free tool that gives you more insights into your online performance than you would ever want or need. Navigating your way around Google Analytics is important for every agent so you have a solid understanding of who is visiting your site, what pages they are interacting with most, and where they are coming from. If you’re totally new to Google Analytics make sure to read our article Google Analytics Basics for Real Estate Agents to get the 1.0 version.

Website Grader

Do you have any idea how your website performs online? You’ve probably heard about the importance of search engine optimization but is your website SEO friendly? Is it mobile compatible? Speedy? Does it comply with relevant safety and security standards? By simply inputting your URL you can get a rating out of 100 and a breakdown of your website’s performance, mobile-friendliness, SEO and security. See how you measure up online and identify areas of improvement.


Social media is the bane of existence for many agents. They know they need it, but can never find the time to properly grow and manage it. The importance of social media for your real estate business is now, without a doubt proven. From brand awareness and authority, lead generation through advertising, and content marketing, social media provides a platform for agents to directly access millions of potential leads around the country.

If you’ve been using social media and are wondering if any of your efforts are making an impact at all check your Klout score. Klout is a free tool that checks all of your social media platforms and assigns you a score out of 100 to indicate your social media impact. It will also determine if you have authority or influencer status on any topics which can be used to your marketing advantage.

Google Search Console

Another brilliant product from Google, Google Search Console is your portal to everything there is to know about your website and its performance. Without getting carried away about the features and benefits of Google Search Console, let’s focus on how you can assess your performance on specific keywords. By entering your URL you can see all of the keywords you rank for organically and what your ranking position is for these words. You may be surprised at some keywords that trigger your page in the search results and at the same time you may be shocked at some of the words you don’t rank for. These insights can help you determine keywords to build content around and which ones you may need to pay for using Google Adwords if you can’t rank for them organically (without some serious SEO work).

Having a quarterly check in using these four tools will give you clarity about your current online performance allowing you to identify opportunities, pivot strategy or recruit the help of experts if necessary. Having a rock-solid digital strategy will do wonders for your business enabling you to generate more leads, create more wealth and have more time.

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